The Churchill Mission

We are Churchill Mortgage, and we are a bit different from other mortgage companies. We believe in a better kind of American Dream: debt-free homeownership®. Our culture tells us you will always have a mortgage but we know that’s just not true.

Our mission is to help you find the best path to owning your home free and clear, regardless of your starting point. If you’re buying a new home, we’ll help you find the right strategy to pay off that house quickly so you can have more financial freedom.

If you’re refinancing a mortgage, we’ll help you analyze your situation and find the path that leads you where you want to go.

Our team takes a traditionally daunting task and makes it smooth and easy, navigating you through each step on time and without surprises. Using our expert advice, custom tools, and efficient home loan process, we help your family establish a smarter plan, supercharging your wealth-building engine through homeownership and getting you on the road to a prosperous financial future.

Our team works tirelessly to serve your unique needs and long-term goals because we don’t just want you to own a house, we want to help you plan smarter and, ultimately, live better. For over twenty years, we’ve witnessed our process empower clients and give them hope for a brighter future.

Take charge of your future and talk to us today. Let us help you reach your American Dream.

We Help Change Lives

Since 1992, our team has helped over 100,000 families across the United States. Our team helps clients buy their dream homes and achieve greater financial freedom along the way. Many lenders simply look at your mortgage as “today’s transaction”, but that’s not good enough for us.

We want you to win — and win big — throughout your lifetime.

In everything we do, we seek to build long-lasting relationships, based on honesty, integrity and trust.

How Do We Do This?


Not Just a Mortgage, a Wealth-Building Engine.

We dig deep to not only understand your present situation but also your long-term needs so that a mortgage plan can be tailored to you. For most people, this will become their single biggest source of wealth.


Expert Planning and Insight.

We deliver a smarter strategy through best-in-class loan comparison tools that provide real clarity–not guesswork. We equip you with early pay-off scenarios and lower payment options, all at a level of detail you control.


We Take Our Role As Your Guide Seriously.

We have the heart of a teacher and believe it’s our job to guide you along the home loan process.  We take what can seem complex and overwhelming and make it clear and manageable.


Industry-Beating Tools and Approvals.

We give you the competitive edge over other buyers by equipping you with tools to find the right home and pre-approved options so you can shop with confidence.


We Follow Our Own Advice.

We “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk” by being a debt-free company.  We also educate our own staff on Dave Ramsey’s principles so that they can be on the right financial path personally and then extend that knowledge to you.

Dave Ramsey Connection

Why Dave Ramsey Has Talked About Churchill For More Than 25 Years (And Counting)

Our core convictions align with Dave Ramsey’s financial principles. We help people move towards financial peace, and help them plan for and achieve Baby Step 6.

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